AcarAStone Refine

AcarAStone Refine is here!

Unleash the beauty of nature in your home with our brand new line of quartz slabs, AcarAStone Refine. Inspired by the stunning patterns of natural stone, AcarAStone Refine offers the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability using the latetst 5D printing technology.

Refine Statuario

Embrace the essence of modern luxury with Refine Statuario. This captivating quartz countertop boasts a classical yet contemporary pattern, ideal for elevating any space. Its subtle elegance adds a touch of sophistication.

Refine Starry Grey

Enhance your creative vision with Starry Grey. Delicate touches of copper infuse rich greys with a captivating warmth, adding a layer of depth and sophistication to your upcoming project.

Refine Invisible Grey

Refine Invisible Grey perfectly mimics the naturally exciting veins found in this strain of marble. This slab is great for bringing some dramatic movement to an otherwise plain environment. 

Refine Calacatta Carmen

Refine Calacatta Carmen fuses a modern color palette with rich warm tones making it an excellent choice to introduce warmth to an otherwise cold environment. 

Refine Calacatta Gold

Refine Calacatta Gold embodies subtle elegance with delicate, warm-toned movements. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for a wide range of environments, adding a touch of sophistication wherever it’s applied.

Refine Alpina Polar

Refine Alpina Polar showcases a striking pattern utilizing a monochromatic palette of blacks and whites. This bold design serves as an exceptional statement piece, adding a powerful visual impact to any space.

See the AcarAStone Refine collection in action with our Visualizer.